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Agent Heptakis(6-amino-6-deoxy) Beta Cyclodextrin

Agent Heptakis(6-amino-6-deoxy) Beta Cyclodextrin

CAS NO.: 30754-24-6 Molecular Formula: C42H77N7O28 Molecular Weight : 1128.09 Purity (NMR):≥ 98% Solubility:Soluble in water

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Product Details

Heptakis(6-amino-6-deoxy) beta Cyclodextrin


CAS NO.: 30754-24-6

Molecular Formula: C42H77N7O28

Molecular Weight : 1128.09

Appearance (Form):White Solid powder

Purity (NMR):≥ 98%

Solubility:Soluble in water

Test result as below:



Amino-beta-cyclodextrin in neutral or acidic pH conditions can be protonated, the guest molecule with the negatively charged compound has a good capacity.

Amino is a good key chain group, can be carboxylic acids, esters, anhydrides, aldehydes, ketones, alkyl halides under mild conditions such as key-chain, amino-beta-cyclodextrin is a good supramolecular structures of intermediates.

Amino-beta-cyclodextrin to a specific catalytic reaction with good results.

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● Is this product a dangerous product?

● Heptakis(6-amino-6-deoxy) is not dangerous goods.

● What test results can you provide for Heptakis(6-amino-6-deoxy)-beta-Cyclodextrin ?

●  CNMR / HNMR / IR are available.

● What does the label display?

● Label often display: product name,CAS NO, batch No and net weight.

● What is the minimum quantity?

● MOQ: 1g

● Where does Mono-(6-Amino-6-Deoxy)-beta-cyclodextrin come from?

● Country of Origin:China (mainland)

● What is the storage condition for cyclodextrin reagents?

● Storage: at room temperature, in tightly closed container. Avoid light .



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