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Vanillin-beta-Cyclodextrin Complex

Vanillin-beta-Cyclodextrin Complex

Vanillin - beta -Cyclodextrin 1. Product introduction of Vanillin -beta-Cyclodextrin Application:it's applied in various kinds of food for a more creamy taste,such as cake, cold drinks, chocolate, candy,and it also can be used for soap, toothpaste, perfume, rubber, plastics, pharmaceuticals....

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1. Product introduction of Vanillin-beta-Cyclodextrin

Application:it's applied in various kinds of food for a more creamy taste,such as cake, cold drinks, chocolate, candy,and it also can be used for soap, toothpaste, perfume, rubber, plastics, pharmaceuticals.

2.Basic information of Vanillin-beta-Cyclodextrin 

Product Name: Vanillin-beta-Cyclodextrin

Synonyms:Vanillin-beta-Cyclodextrin complex

Appearancewhite powder

Standard: Enterprise standard

3.Product Specification of Vanillin-beta-Cyclodextrin



Enterprise Standard


white powder

Vanillin content


pH of 1% aqueous solution



Loss on drying


Heavy metals


Total bacterial count


Pathogenic bacteria



4.Packing & Shipping

   Packing Detail

Packing: 1kg/1bag, 2kg/1bag,10kg/1bag/1carton 

   Shipping : By by air of by Express,such as Fedex,DHL

Express advantages by air : Suitable for more than 50kg

Transportation time : Fast 3-5 days

High cost

Airport to Airport                    

 Express advantages  : Express can supply door to door service,easy to pick up the goods.

   Transportation time  : It's usually 3-5 days can arrived your address


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 Payment: Arrange payment to our Paypal

      Or T/T in advance by ourour remittance route for US dollors                    

   Delivery: We will delivery goods immediately after receipt the payment.

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