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Application of chitosan cyclodextrin in biomedical materials

- Jun 25, 2018 -

    Chitosan is the only basic polysaccharide in nature, its rich resources, biodegradability and biocompatibility, non-toxic, no stimulation, biological adhesion and antimicrobial properties, are widely used in biomedical and pharmaceutical preparations, food industry, waste water treatment and other fields.

Chitosan can be digested in animal tissues, which can lead to higher levels of bioprotective proteins such as lysozyme.

    Meanwhile, the enzyme degradation rate of chitosan can also be controlled by the structure and substitution degree of n-acetyl groups.

    These characteristics enable chitosan and its derivatives to be used as biomedical materials in clinical practice.

Chitosan can prolong the drug's residence time in the body, and promote the infiltration of polypeptide drugs by cell bypass by binding epithelial cells with electric charge.

     Cyclodextrin hydrophobic cavity can be combined with object molecular non covalent bond, increase the solubility of drugs, enhance the permeability of different macromolecular drugs, inhibit the activity of protease, cyclodextrin and its derivatives in the colon were degraded into small molecular sugar, so cyclodextrin and its derivatives are widely used in polypeptide drugs in the study of oral system.

As a drug carrier, chitosan/cyclodextrin has more advantages than chitosan or cyclodextrin alone.

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