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Application of cyclodextrin in brewing process

- Nov 14, 2018 -

Diacetyl was an important by-products in beer fermentation process, is the important material that can influence the flavor of beer is also a mature beer restrictive refers to the standard. It is volatile and strong excitant, when its content is too high (ale acuity 1.5 mg/L), beer can present a lousy rice smell, serious damage to the flavor of beer, and affect the sensory quality of beer.

Beta cyclodextrin can not only help spread and iso-alpha acid soluble solution flavour compounds, especially its cavity light, heat and oxygen gas has strong shielding effect. For this reason, iso- alpha acid entrapped cyclodextrin complex organic matter can avoid light, heat and oxygen of hops decomposition of active ingredients, to improve the quality of beer industrial products have important application prospect, beta cyclodextrin is starch, fermented product as beer required to add "flavor" keep agent, nonpoisonous and harmless, shows that green "flavor" of beer production time will soon come.

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