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Application of cyclodextrins in mucosal drug delivery system

- Oct 22, 2018 -

Application in oral mucosa drug delivery system

The inclusion compound of cyclodextrin can increase the solubility of the drug so as to improve the bioavailability of the drug and cover up the bad smell. It also improves the stability of the drug at the absorption site and thus increases the drug's permeability in the oral mucosa. The insoluble drug in water, difficult to absorb and absorb unstable drugs, will have better and more uniform absorption behavior, and can improve the efficacy of drugs in the oral mucosal drug delivery system.

Application in ocular mucosa drug delivery system

Cyclodextrin significantly increases the therapeutic effect of ophthalmic drugs because it increases the solubility of drugs. Water-insoluble drugs are usually used in the form of suspension or ointment. The use of cyclodextrin as a cladding compound to make eye drops can improve the solubility of drugs, increase their chemical stability, reduce their irritation and increase their permeability. The eye irritation of the eye preparation carrier material should be very small, so as to prevent the eye reflex blinking, tears and so that the drug can be removed too quickly. Hydrophilic cyclodextrins in eye drops, especially hydroxypropyl beta cylodextrin and Betadex sulfobutyl ether sodium, showed no toxicity and good tolerance to the eyes.

Application in nasal mucosal administration system

The epithelial cells on the surface of the nasal mucosa have many microvilli, similar to those in the small intestine, which can increase the effective area of drug absorption, and the subepithelium of the nasal mucosa is rich in capillaries and lymphatic capillaries, which can make the drug quickly absorbed into the systemic circulation. Therefore, drug absorption in the nasal cavity has certain advantages. Cyclodextrin is an effective carrier of nasal mucosal drug delivery system. Cyclodextrin can improve the absorption of nasal drugs, which depends on the solubility of water-insoluble drugs, thus increasing the permeability of drugs in nasal mucosa. The clinical data show that the nasal cyclodextrin is safe and non-toxic.

Application in rectal mucosal administration system

The use of cyclodextrin in the rectal mucosal administration system can enhance the rectal absorption of drugs. On the one hand, cyclodextrin can promote drug release from the preparation matrix; On the other hand, it can increase the drug's permeability to mucosa, increase the stability of the drug in the matrix or absorption site, provide stable and continuous drug release, and reduce the stimulation caused by the drug.

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