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Binhzou Zhiyuan Sulfobutyl Ether-beta-Cyclodextrin Sodium (SBECD)

- Mar 23, 2018 -

Binhzou Zhiyuan Sulfobutyl Ether-beta-Cyclodextrin Sodium (SBECD)

CAS No.:1284410-00-0

Other Names:Sulfobutyl ether-Beta-Cyclodextrin

Grade Standard:injection grade

Usage: Pharmaceuticals field

Brand Name:Zhiyuan

Purity:99% Min

Product Name:

Appearance:White powder



Shelf life:2 Years

Sulfobutyl Ether-β-cyclodextrin Sodium salt.jpg


Main usage:

Sulfobutyl ether beta cyclodextrin sodium is a new type of anionic high soluble cyclodextrin derivatives. It could include drug molecules to from covalent compounds so that increase the drug’s stability,solubility,safety.It could reduce the renal toxicity,moderate drug’s hemolysis,control the release rate and cover up the bad smell.


It can be used as a solubilizer, wetting agent,chelating agent (complexing agent) and polyvalent masking agent.
It has been used in injection,oral,nasal and eye medicines.It could has a special affinity and inclusion 


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