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Application of cyclodextrin in Food

- Mar 17, 2018 -

The inclusion compounds of cyclodextrin are widely used in food, which can effectively improve the solubility of insoluble or insoluble substances in water, reduce the volatilization of volatile components, increase the chemical stability of the guest substances in the materials, etc. Cyclodextrin acts as a browning inhibitor in different fruit juices, which improves the color of the juice and preserves its strong flavor. For example, the solubility of α -cyclodextrin-cinnamic acid inclusion complex increases due to the limited application of CAA. The amount of Escherichia coli O 157: h 7 and Salmonella suspension serotype in apple juice or orange juice was significantly decreased.

Cyclodextrin can also be used as an oil-in-water emulsion for dietary fiber boxes. α -cyclodextrin is a natural water-soluble dietary fiber that has a beneficial effect on blood cholesterol box blood glucose index. In foods such as salad dressing or mayonnaise, It is necessary to add emulsifiers to mix them evenly. Traditional emulsifiers contain cholesterol and are susceptible to allergies. Using cyclodextrin as emulsifier is not only free of cholesterol and allergens but also phytogenic.

Shandong Binzhou Zhiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a specialized cyclodextrin R & D and production enterprise. One of our vision is to contribute to food safety and promote the wide application of phytogenic additives.


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