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Cyclodextrin and environmental protection.

- Apr 29, 2018 -

Water pollution has become one of the major problems in the global environment, including pesticide, medicine, cosmetics and other organic pollutants.

At present, one of the most common methods for removing organics from wastewater is activated carbon adsorption, which has some problems: 1.

2. The removal effect of organic pollutants with relative hydrophilic is not obvious;

The regeneration of activated carbon requires a lot of energy, and the cost is high, and the adsorption effect after regeneration will be reduced.

It seems like a good new option to be insoluble in water.

It is cheap and continuous to produce glucose supermolecule rings to adsorb organics.

Beta - cyclodextrin adsorbed organic pollutants is the principle of the complexes with organic matter form host-guest molecules, adsorption rate constants of several kinds of organic pollutants is 15-200 times that of activated carbon, can be repeatedly used after rinse under mild conditions without sacrificing performance.

By comparing with the commercial leading activated carbon materials, the beta-cyclodextrin polymer showed better performance in the removal of organic pollutants in the actual environment.

This material can not only be used in domestic water filtration, but also is expected to be used in industrial wastewater treatment and ecological restoration. It will be highly likely to replace activated carbon as the next generation of new water treatment materials.

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