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Difference between gamma cyclodextrin and hydroxypropyl gamma cyclodextrin

- Jan 22, 2018 -

Gamma cyclodextrin is an 8 glucose units composed of end to end cyclic compounds, compared with beta cyclodextrin, whice has a larger diameter cavity(about 1.3 times cyclodextrin), cavity volume (about 1.6 times more beta cyclodextrin), better solubility in water (12.5 times the cyclodextrin cavity) and a better fit (no ring hydrogen bond, non rigid ring). Therefore, Gamma cyclodextrin has more potential application than beta cyclodextrin.Gamma cyclodextrin water solubility is 23.2g/100ml (25 DEG C), in some cases the solubility still limits the application .

Hydroxypropyl gamma cyclodextrin's water solubility increase to 80g/100ml (25 C) furtherly , and hydroxypropyl gamma cyclodextrin is no longer a single pure product but the coexistence of multiple substituted compounds, with guest molecules when wrapping is not easy to generate inclusion crystallization. Overall, hydroxypropyl - gamma cyclodextrin has a higher solubility in water and stronger anti crystallization ability.    


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