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Inclusion effect of hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin on resveratrol

- Jul 12, 2018 -

Resveratrol is a kind of natural polyphenols with strong bioactivity, as long as it comes from grapes, giant knotweed, peanuts, mulberry and other plants. In 2012, the Jason Dyck research team at the University of Alberta in Canada found that resveratrol has the effect of improving exercise training and performance, and is a natural motor function enhancer. However, resveratrol has little water solubility, poor stability and low bioavailability. How can we solve this problem?

Hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin as main body and object of medicine, right-click the inclusion compound molecules can not only change the water-soluble drugs, to control the rate of drug release, fixed-point targeted drug delivery or even eliminate peculiar smell, and can effectively improve the pharmacokinetic properties of drugs, improve the exploitation degree and curative effect, etc. Hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin and resveratrol can form a inclusion compound, and the possible binding mode is that the b-terminal benzene ring of resveratrol enters the cavity from the wide mouth end of hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin. In addition, after package knot, hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin can obviously increase the water solubility of resveratrol 40 times, which proves that the inclusion compound more than resveratrol monomers can increase exercise endurance, have better resistance to fatigue effect.

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