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Properties of modified beta-CD

- Jan 22, 2019 -

After the hydroxyl group in beta-CD is replaced by propyl group, HP-beta-CD has many advantages over beta-cyclodextrin except that the molecule has no reducibility, is stable in alkaline medium, can be decomposed by strong acid, and has the same molecule envelope effect and non-toxicity as beta-CD.

HP-beta-CD is highly water-soluble at high temperature, generally more than 50%, so it can not crystallize in alcohol-water solution.

HP-beta-CD and beta-CD are basically not catabolished or accumulated in human body. Most of oral HP-beta-CD is excreted from the body with stool and non-intestinal administration, and most of them are excreted from the body with urine.

The selectivity of HP-beta-CD and beta-CD to the enveloped substances is different, and the molecule proportion of the enveloped substances may change.

HP-beta-CD can promote the rapid release of enveloped substances in organisms.

HP-beta-CD has lower surface activity, lower hemolytic activity and safer use than beta-CD or other derivatives.


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