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Recommend use hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin to synthetic drugs and cosmetics

- Jan 22, 2018 -

Because hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin increases the length of the cavity of cyclodextrin, when the 2 and 3 hydroxyl H atoms are replaced,  hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin groups may also form new hydrogen bonds with guest molecules, increasing the stability of inclusion complexes. The research shows that  hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin and guest molecules mainly form 1:1 inclusion complex,  sometimes it can form 2:1 inclusion complex, sometimes it can form oligomers.


Main useful of complexes in medicine and cosmetics field as below:


Used in Pharmaceutical:

1. To increase the solubility of medicine and biological availability

2. To improve the bio availability of drugs.

3. To adjust or control the releasing of drugs.

4. To decrease the toxicities of drugs.

5. To improve the stabilities of drugs.


Used in Cosmetic:

1. To suit for encapsulation of volatile compounds.

2. To increase shelf life of expensive flavors.


More and more people are using cyclodextrin derivatives in many fields.


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