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The role of cyclodextrin in the remediation of contaminated soil

- Jul 14, 2018 -

Soil is a complex colloid system composed of inorganic, organic and inorganic organic colloids. Due to the characteristics of the colloid, the soil has strong adsorption capacity. Organic pollutants can be adsorbed on the surface of soil particles by physical adsorption chemical adsorption hydrogen bond binding and valence bond binding. Pollutants usually have low polarity, strong hydrophobicity, and easy to be adsorbed by soil, and are difficult to be degraded by microorganisms. It is difficult to remove the soil and can be easily enriched in the crops.

The study on the use of cyclodextrin aqueous solution as a leaching agent in the process of washing and repairing organic contaminated soil shows that cyclodextrin can react with hydrophobic organic pollutants to produce a host guest inclusion complex, which greatly increases the solubility of hydrophobic organic matter and the desorption rate in the soil. The soil has low adsorption loss, good biodegradability and no two pollution. It can be used as an environment-friendly reagent in the process of soil remediation.

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