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Remove heavy metals from water by cyclodextrin polymer

- Jul 25, 2018 -

The heavy metal content of lead, copper, cadmium and other heavy metals in drinking water can cause a threat to human health. In the existing methods of removing heavy metals, adsorption method is the main method because of simple equipment, easy operation and low operating cost, but the adsorption rate is slow, and it usually takes hours or even hours to achieve the adsorption balance.

The Chinese Academy of sciences researchers polymerized beta cyclodextrin monomers into beta cyclodextrin polymers by crosslinking beta cyclodextrin. In heavy metal adsorption experiments, the adsorbents could achieve adsorption equilibrium within 5 minutes, higher than the current conventional materials.

In addition, the adsorbents can be degenerated by simple acid bubbles after adsorption, thus reducing the cost. The experimental results show that the beta cyclodextrin polymer can be developed into a highly efficient and rapid heavy metal adsorbent, which has a good application prospect.


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