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Methyl Β Cyclodextrin128446-36-6

Methyl Β Cyclodextrin128446-36-6

Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin can increase solubility and bioavailability of drugs, increase pharmaceutical efficacy and reduce the dose of drugs.Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin can control release rate of drugs, decrease side effects of drugs, and enhance the stability of drugs.

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Product Details

Product Name: Methyl-beta-Cyclodextrin

CAS NO. : 128446-36-6

Synonyms: Methyl-β-Cyclodextrin


Molecular Formula: C42H70-nO35·(CH3)n

Molecular Weight: 1135 + n•(14.0)

Standard: enterprise standard


Methyl cyclodextrin is one of the research and application of cyclodextrin derivatives widely, it soluble in water and soluble in organic solvent, in medicine can improve the drug solubility and bioavailability, increase the curative effect of drugs or reduce the dose, also can adjust or control of drug release rate, reduce the drug side effects, to improve the stability of the drug, especially for oil soluble molecules increase solubility in water is more effective.