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Application Of Cyclodextrin In Cosmetics

- May 26, 2018 -

Cosmetics are usually made of oil soluble ingredients and water-soluble ingredients after emulsification, cream, cream, and emulsion, and in the addition of various nutrients and functional substances, in the process of storage and use of the emulsifier is easy to lose stability, nutrients are often deteriorated, making make-up products are damaged. Therefore, improving the stability of cosmetics is a very important research topic.

The use of cyclodextrin in cosmetic preparation can improve the stability of raw materials in cosmetic formulation system. Cyclodextrin makes the active ingredients added to the cosmetics more stable; makes the emulsion more stable; the volatile substances added to the cosmetics are stable; and the solubility of the lipophilic substances in water based cosmetics is improved. This is one of the most popular research fields at present.

Hydroxypropyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin was selected as a stabilizer. By optimizing the formula, the stability of the emulsifier in cosmetics was improved and the solubility of the lipophilic substances in the water based cosmetics was increased.


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