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Asparaginase Sulfobutyl-β-cyclodextrin Liposomes

- Apr 06, 2018 -

Asparaginase sulfobutyl-β-cyclodextrin liposome (ASDL) prepared by reverse evaporation method has obvious stability in acid and alkali, thermal stability, stability to trypsin, stability in plasma and storage stability. Better than asparaginase (Ase).

ASDL not only has better drug stability and better drug encapsulation effect, but also has a theoretically extended biological half-life of encapsulated drugs and improved bioavailability of encapsulated drugs after modification with sulfobutyl-β-cyclodextrin. Reduce toxic and side effects and other advantages. The experimental results confirm that compared with Ase, the ASDL obtained after modified with sulfobutyl-β-cyclodextrin sodium has better enzymatic properties and better stability, which lays an experimental foundation for the further study of ASDL in vivo.

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