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Cyclodextrin Assisted Extraction Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

- Mar 17, 2018 -

Our country has abundant traditional Chinese medicine resources, but the international market share of Chinese patent medicine and traditional Chinese medicine extract is still very low, accounting for only about 5%. At present, Chinese traditional medicine extraction mostly uses organic solvent heating, reflux and other extraction methods, the extraction efficiency is low, the cost is high. Most organic solvents are toxic, pollute the environment and have potential safety problems. Cyclodextrin has selective inclusion cooperation with drug molecules, and its inclusion compound can improve the stability and solubility of drugs. It has wide application value in traditional Chinese medicine extraction. Cyclodextrin can be directly used in the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine as an auxiliary extractant, and the process of extraction and inclusion can be further completed. Compared with the traditional extraction process, it has many advantages and can achieve high efficiency and extensive extraction.

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