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Application Of Cyclodextrin In Increasing Physical Stability Of Drugs

- Jan 21, 2019 -

At present, cyclodextrin is most widely used to increase the physical stability of drugs, which is to reduce the evaporation of volatile drugs in the process of preparation and storage. The volatility of cinnamon oil, safflower oil and zedoary turmeric oil was significantly reduced by the inclusion of beta-cyclodextrin. The inclusion of menthol with hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin can prevent its volatilization and sublimation, and use its preparation to develop. Borneol-beta-cyclodextrin inclusion complex has been used to improve the quality of compound salvia miltiorrhiza tablets and hemorrhoids ointment. Studies have found that the inclusion complex can not only prevent borneol volatilization, increase stability, but also improve the solubility of the preparation, make use of the absorption and efficacy of drugs, and the preparation process has been operated. In addition, the inclusion of cyclodextrin in polymorphic pharmaceutical preparations may also prevent the transformation of drug crystal forms and ensure the efficacy of drugs.

Borneol beta-cyclodextrin

Borneol has the effect of refreshing and refreshing, clearing away heat and relieving pain, but because of its easy sublimation, it is extremely unstable in the preparation process and storage period. After inclusion with beta-cyclodextrin, its light resistance, thermal stability and wet stability are significantly increased and volatilization can be prevented.

Artificial Musk Beta Cyclodextrin 

Artificial Musk is easy to lose in preparation and storage because it contains a lot of volatile components, which affects the formulation development and the stability of curative effect of artificial Musk preparation. Therefore, artificial Musk and Beta Cyclodextrin are refined into inclusion compound to improve its stability, so as to ensure the development, formulation improvement and imminence of artificial Musk preparation. The stability of the curative effect of bed has laid a foundation.

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