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Cyclodextrin Is A Good Assistant For Cooks

- Jan 16, 2019 -

Cyclodextrin can be used as a drug carrier in high-end pharmaceutical industry, but also in the food industry shines brilliantly. It has always been thought that high-end CDs can be "good helpers at home". For example, soybean products have a special green grass flavor (beany), which may come from aliphatic carbonyls and volatile aliphatic alcohols. Adding a certain amount of CDs in the pulping stage of soymilk or soybean products can make the final product odorless. Soybean lecithin had deodorizing effect when kneaded with CDs in the preparation process as a nutrient.

Rice stored for more than a year has an unpleasant taste. The texture and tongue feel of rice can be improved by soaking rice in CDs solution for a certain time or adding 0.01-0.4% beta-cyclodextrin to rice flour and then cooking. Even available rice, soaked in 0.5% maltose-CDs for 15 minutes before cooking, tastes better than untreated rice.

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