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Cyclodextrin Turns Liquid Medicine Into Powder

- Jun 25, 2018 -

    Drug state has a solid, liquid and gas, normally most widely used solid state, liquid medicine for most contain volatile substances, easy to cause loss of active ingredients in the process of preparation and storage.

    Cyclodextrin inclusion technique is a great breakthrough of liquid medicine powder preparation process, for many liquid medicines, using cyclodextrin inclusion can achieve the effect of powder, the change in the form of drugs at the same time, can also solve the poor stability of water-soluble drug is bad, defects, greatly increase the application range of drugs.

Especially in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) industry of the volatile oil of powder preparation, make its can be made into traditional Chinese medicine tablet, capsule, granule, granules and other dosage forms, and changed the traditional Chinese medicine preparation in the dosage form a single, dose not accurate, curative effect is not stable, etc.

    In addition, the inclusion of liquid vitamin D or E1 with betacyclodextrin greatly improves its stability and can be made into a variety of solid preparations.

As the study of cyclodextrin derivatives, ceaselessly nature more superior pharmaceutical excipients, hydroxypropyl he cyclodextrins and sulfonated butyl ether times he cyclodextrin sodium salt is the most representative two cyclodextrin derivatives, their solubilization effect, new formulations improved aspects is much better than The Times he cyclodextrin, especially combined with the application of advanced drying technology, spray drying, freeze drying technology also makes the liquid drug powder technology application is more and more widely.

    Shandong binzhou wisdom source biological technology co., LTD. Is a focus on the study of cyclodextrin and cyclodextrin derivatives application, development and innovation of science and technology company, the company strong technical force, with shandong university, Chinese academy of sciences and other domestic and international first-class universities and research institutes have close relations of cooperation.

    It is a professional r&d and production enterprise with the largest variety and the most complete specifications in the domestic cyclodextrin industry.

Hydroxypropyl betacytodextrin and sulfobutyl ether betacytodextrin sodium salt are two of our main products.

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