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New Application Of Cyclodextrin In Drug Preparation

- May 25, 2018 -

1. Cyclodextrin can be used for quick release and sustained-release preparations. Some cyclodextrin derivatives are useful for rapid dissolution of drugs in the gastrointestinal tract because of their high hydrophilicity, which is often used in the preparation of fast release and slow release agents to improve the bioavailability of insoluble drugs.

2. Cyclodextrin can be used for controlled release. In combination with other pharmaceutical excipients, it is used in the preparation of controlled release preparations.

3. Cyclodextrin can be used for localization.

(1) Brain targeting drug delivery system.As solubilizing agent, increase the solubility of prodrug or chemical transport system, and enhance the chemical stability of some drugs.

(2) Specific cell targeting drug delivery system.Conjugated compounds with drugs can increase the volume of the drug's space, increase the surface hydrophilicity of the drug to prevent the drug through the bacterial outer membrane channel.

(3) Colon specific drug delivery system. Cyclodextrins in colon can be enzymolysis and release drugs.

4. Particle drug delivery system.Cyclodextrin enhances the solubility of drugs and can be combined with the targeting effect of liposomes.

5. Drug Micronization.A smaller particle size was obtained by adding cyclodextrins into the milling process.

6. Cyclodextrin can be used for emulsion, medical education network collection and collation suppository.


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