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Zhiyuan Biotechnology Exclusive Production Mino Beta Cyclodextrin

- Jan 22, 2018 -

Zhiyuan Biotechnology is the largest manufacturer of cyclodextrin regents in China.We are the only factory in China to produce Amino cyclodextrin.


Amino cyclodextrin including Mono-(6-amino-6-deoxy)-β-cyclodextrin ( CAS NO.: 29390-67-8) and Heptakis(6-amino-6-deoxy)-β-cyclodextrin (CAS NO.: 30754-24-6),price of CAS.: 29390-67-8 is lower then CAS.: 30754-24-6.


Universities and scientific research institutions both at home and abroad are often purchased from Amino cyclodextrin from our company.

●  MOQ is 1g. Quotation often including Fedex charge.

●  Packed in bottle,.

●  Shipped by Fedex or DHL. It often will take 5days to delivery goods to your address. 

●  Test result are along with goods.

●  Payment: T/T  in advance or You can direct arrange payment to our PayPal

Account:  via your Credit card.
Delivery: within 1days after receive payment.


Advantage of our amino cyclodextrin as below:

◆  Stable quality:

◆  Factory direct sales;

◆  Stock supply,;

◆  Professional courier;

◆  To provide technical sales-before and sales-after services;


Our quality and service are approved and praised by all customers.


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