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Ethanediamine Beta Cyclodextrin 60984-63-6

Ethanediamine Beta Cyclodextrin 60984-63-6

Basic information Name : Mono-(6-ethanediamine-6-deoxy)-Beta-Cyclodextrin CAS No : 60984-63-6 Chemical Formula : C 44 H 76 N 2 O 34 Molecular weight: 1177.07 Purity : >98% Solubility : soluble in water The role in Thiamphenicol some scholars have studied the inclusion complex of...

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Basic information


CAS No60984-63-6

Chemical FormulaC44H76N2O34

Molecular weight: 1177.07


Solubility : soluble in water


The role in Thiamphenicol

some scholars have studied the inclusion complex of Ethylenediamine Beta Cyclodextrin  in aqueous solution, and the experiment shows that the thiamphenicol molecule is replaced by CDP (20 g Ethylenediamine Beta Cyclodextrin is added to 40 mL of 30 wt % NaOH solution, room temperature stirring to be dissolved in ethylenediamine dissolved) after inclusion, its chemical environment has changed, the results show that the thiamphenicol guest molecules into the CDP cyclodextrin cavity, which formed a package Things. And the Ethylenediamine Beta Cyclodextrin  can form a 2: 1 molar inclusion with thiamphenicol. The inclusion process is spontaneous under the experimental conditions, and the resulting clathrate enhances the thiamphenicol The solubility and thermal stability. Through the preparation process technology can be difficult to dissolve thiamphenicol made in clinical use in the water can be dissolved in the powder or injection, to expand the use of thiamphenicol provides a test basis.