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M ono-(6-(diethylenetriamine)-6-deoxy)- beta -Cyclodextrin 1.Application of the Mono-(6-(diethylenetriamine)-6-deoxy)-beta-Cyclodextrin This is a kind of important intermediates for synthesis of cyclodextrin derivatives, it is natural...

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Product Details


This Mono-(6-(diethylenetriamine)-6-deoxy)-beta-Cyclodextrin is a kind of important intermediates for synthesis of cyclodextrin derivatives, it is natural cyclodextrins, good water solubility, and can be modified with positively charged groups, and anionic surfactants, proteins, peptides, peptide showed strong bonding behavior of polyamine modified cyclodextrin and its metal complexes to recognize guest molecules have great research value.

2.Basic information 

Product Name        : Mono-(6-(diethylenetriamine)-6-deoxy)-beta-Cyclodextrin

CAS NO.             : 65294-32-8

Synonyms            :Mono-(6-(diethylenetriamine)-6-deoxy)-β-Cyclodextrin

Molecular Formula   : C46H81N3O34

Molecular Weight    : 1220.14

3.Product Specification 


Appearance (Form)

Solid powder

Appearance (Colour)

Off white

Purity (NMR)

≥ 98%


It's solubility better than beta cyclodextrin in water, low pH solution is better

4.Packing & Shipping

Packing Detail      : 1g/1bottle,2g/1bottle,5g/1bottle,10g/1bottle or or customized

Shipping            : by Express,such as Fedex,DHL,EMS,TNT

Express advantages  : Express can supply door to door service.

easy to pick up the goods.

Transportation time : It's usually 3-5 days can arrived your address

5. Delivery $ Payment

 Payment            : Arrange payment to our Paypal

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Delivery            : We will delivery goods immediately after receipt the payment.

Availability        : In stock

Port of loading     : factory of Zhiyuan(China)


6. FAQ

1) Is this product a dangerous product?

Mono-(6-(diethylenetriamine)-6-deoxy)-beta-Cyclodextrin is not dangerous goods.

2) What test results can you provide for Mono-(6-(diethylenetriamine)-6-deoxy)-


We can supply MS / HNMR / IR for this product.

3) What does the label display?

Label often display: product name,CAS NO, batch No and net weight.

What is the storage condition for Mono-(6-(diethylenetriamine)-6-deoxy)-beta-Cyclodextrin?

Storage: Sealed away from light, long time exposure to air easy to absorb carbon dioxide TLC of position change

What is the use of Mono-(6-(diethylenetriamine)-6-deoxy)-beta-Cyclodextrin?

Mainly used as a research cyclodextrin reagent.

4) Which people will use this product?

Mainly universities and scientific research institutions.